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Online Courses

These online courses will be organized on a series of levels

LEVEL 1: Understanding the foundation of the spiritual path. Concepts, Principles, Framework foundation of terms, processes etc. It's goal is to create the right explanations of what is involved. It's about finding out what to expect, what are your goals, why we are even here and what is the source of happiness.

LEVEL 2: Working with systems of energy to learn how to properly build the reserve of soul capacity, mental equanimity and balance on the spiritual path. Now you understand the car that will drive you to whatever road you choose. You start here and begin to understand what is possible and how you will work with your own energy to create.

LEVEL 3: Is all about mastery. You have worked with the energy and now  you are laser focus on your goals. You know your capacity, you understand the pitfalls on the spiritual path and now its about creating and implementing your intention for higher spiritual achievements. In the midst of this, there is a more intense and inner works that is occurring that is between your soul and the divine souls working with you to gain the deepest inner levels. 

Online Events

During the high peak celebrations and spiritual festivals, it is the right time to gather together to share and prepare of these specific days. Guru Purnima, Shiva Ratri, Navaratri, Christmas and the moon cycle dates. These are the timings to know how to prepare to capture the opportune timings within the community. 

We will gather via video conferencing to gather in satsang within our groups.

Healing Circle

As individuals we can help others with spiritual healing energy. As a group we can leverage this soul capacity as a group to have a positive influence when there is a need for the energy to help others. This is the power of group intention and focus. 

Q & A Forum

With the body of knowledge within our collective group there is a tremendous wealth of experience that can be used to clarify and share insight. Along with each category with each of Kaleshwar's systems, students will be able to inquire and ask for clarifications on knowledge, processes, guidelines and general information. This is an invaluable service to the community that our community provides. 

Newsletter Correspondance

Weekly quotes of Sri Kaleshwar and various saints will be sent out on a weekly basis. During our busy day, hectic lifestyles and turbulent times, these quotes provide a lifeline of energy and insights to our day. 


A vast amount of recordings from courses, transcripts and original recordings will be digitally made available so that you can listen to any topic you want, on demand! We can't always access the written content,  but since we listen in our cars or just relaxing on the beach, these knowledge podcasts will serve as inspiration for your learning.

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Upcoming will be a monthly subscription where you can access various previous classes, courses and instructional videos based on topics.