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"Our mission is to Empower spiritual students, teachers and healers to Learn the depth of Sri Kaleshwar’s knowledge and to successfully Implement those principles in the world for the upliftment of humanity.”

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Our objectives are to present clear, powerful and deep understanding of the Knowledge of the late Sri Kaleshwar. He shared a vast amounts of knowledge, processes and teachings from 1998-2012. We as a body of teachers have come together to share our direct experiences, understanding and collective consciousness with everyone. We all knew Swami Kaleshwar and shared many powerful experiences with him both in India and whenever he came to the west. Since his passing of the physical body, his soul has been transforming our inner experience of his knowledge as it has continued to this day. 

In the course of these series of courses, satsangs and classes we intend to make these teachings come alive and share our personal insights and knowledge with everyone participating in this knowledge portal. We will do our best to make it an enriching and meaningful experience for all its participants. 

We are now at a stage where we need to implement what we received and make sure that his legacy of the knowledge he passed in is completely understood, where we all  experience its hidden depth in our own consciousness.

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Community Participation

We want to engage with all the students in such a way that you can understand for yourself, the knowledge of Sri Kaleshwar. As a community it is important that we share, question, inquire and test our own understanding with each other. This is part of his model of learning, where each one of us through our personal interactions with each other, produces an environment where the knowledge isn't just taught but become alive. It is through these courses that the organic process of learning is used along with course processes to deliver a deeper experience of Sri Kaleshwar's deeper teachings. 

We look forward to sharing this journey together and look forward to meet each of you in our courses.

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Intro Class: Mother Divine Course 2018

Intro class #1 of the Mother Divine  Course

Processes & Mantras

What to expect with the Mother Divine  Course with Processes & mantras

Teachers Talk about Mother Divine Course

Jeff speaks about how the balance of the Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine is so important

Paul talks about the importance of tasting the nectar of Mother's Energy directly. When we access that divine energy within us, we start to recognize who we are and where our soul came from.

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