Our Core Values

Who we are

We are a group of "senior" (that might indicate more our ages rather than our experience level.....) student who directly knew and engaged with him while he was alive (or at least in his physical body). Our lives were changed forever after we met him, did many processes, had amazing experiences and learned a lot during that time!

Now its our turn to serve the students out there who want to know more about the deeper points of who he was, what are his teachings and how we can support those people. 

You see its about service to people. How can we work together to really bring these amazingly powerful teachings, processes,  techniques to help humanity. Time is going so fast, so we want to make sure that our contribution as a collective group of teachers is used in the most impactful way. 

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Value Proposition

What we bring to this site is experience and a willingness to serve. Spirituality is about doing what we can to support and uplift the people we work with and the general student body. To serve the divine is to serve humanity. 

From this context we all feel pationate to share the exact tools, techniques and knowledge we received through Sri Kaleshwar. We all have been thru intense sadhana and spiritual practices. We all have varying levels of understanding how challenging the spiritual path is. We realize that if we can provide support to the individuals, then the group benefits in the long term. 

This is a very volatile times. Yet at the same instance of such turmoil,  there exists the greater opportunity to achieve the highest goals thru focus, determination and discipline. 

We are the Kaleshwar community in action!

Results and Commitment

Sri Kaleshwar achieved a lot in his short lifetime. Although he left his body at the young age of only 39, his legacy will prove that he succeeded in his mission. His students are his legacy. He invested his time, spiritual energy and even his ultimate sacrifice of his physical wellbeing. But he was able to have his students achieve success in their spiritual practices. 

Hundreds of his students were able to successfully connect to Mother, Jesus and Shirdi Sai Baba. The fruits of their efforts and the grace of this lineage is a testament to his efforts and knowledge which sprung forth into creation. Our aim is to make that very knowledge which he used and practiced himself, available and shared with the coming generations of students to come. 

This is a golden age where the saints are leading us to realize what is possible in this lifetime. Join us and work with us on this exciting journey of self discovery and mastery.

Teachers Pledge

Teachers Code of Conduct

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