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FREE Intro Satsang: AUGUST 25th

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Enlightenment Stages: Angels 2


Communicating with the Angels

During Sri Kaleshwar's life, his goal was to bring his students closer to experience the layers of the Divine into our reality. 

Over the course of his life he always adjusted and refined his approach in ways that empowered us as much as possible. 

In this stage we want to connect to Angels as a building block of creation.  Not just feel the energy but to witness and connect with that part of creation. 

Accessing Mother

Accessing the angels is the first step to create a foundation for connecting to the higher channels of this creation. 

It is through engaging in a meditation process that we increase our vibrational frequency in order to strengthen our inner spiritual muscle. Through practice and focus within a group dynamic we achieve our goals quicker.

During the coming weeks we will be doing a powerful meditation technique which Sri Kaleshwar used. This process was created by Sri Kaleshwar to create a systematic way to systematically access Mother Divine and her creation. 

This happens only through stages of self awareness.


Enlightenment Stages: Angels 2


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Reserve your seat now for the Angels & Elements course. It is an auspicious time to charge our elements as a prerequisite for Angels 2 stage. 

Enlightenment Stages: What it is about

What to expect from this series of classes. 


Enlightenment Course: Stage 1 Video Series


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Enlightenment Course Overview

Free Intro



Come and find out the depth and mystery of the Angels around and within us and how it creates balance and harmony in our lives.

Class #1 Soul Magnet


APRIL 14th

Discover how important it is to develop our soul frequency. When we elevate ourselves it attracts the miracle energy around/within us.

Class #2 Accessing the Angels around us


APRIL 21st

Once our soul is strong, it automatically connects to our higher divine self. Then you know how to create the miracle energy around us.

Class #3 Working with our Soul


APRIL 28th

Tools to create angels, work with energies contained within nature to create healing and miracles.

Class #4 Angels to Connect Higer levels of creation


MAY 5th

Love and power are 2 sides of the same coin. Through both we can work with angels to create miracles, send real power of change to help others. 

Post Course Follow up


MAY 12th

We will have a follow up conference call to check in with all the participants to share and here everyone's experience of the course and the shifts in people's lives.

Previous Courses & Classes


Mother Divine Course: Video Series


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Mother Divine Course

Engaging Mother Divine to create balance & harmony


"There’s a seed in everything. There’s the seed of the Sri Chakra, the seed of the

illusions, the seed of the mahamaya, the seed of the creation, the seed of the

confusions, the seed of the karmas, the seed of the nature of the truth, the seed of

the negativity. In everything is the same starting point that is in us. Everything

is in us. But we have to find it. You have to do the perfect processes, the right

channeling, the exact timing, whatever it indicates, through your body to your

soul, only then is it possible to grow, to bloom to give the fruits. Until then, it’s

hard to imagine, it’s highly impossible to imagine, such greatness is hidden in

you." ---Sri Kaleshwar

Through the 4 weeks of this course we will engage with that force of divine feminine within us to discover that power.  We will dive deeply into sacred knowledge, experiences and meditation process to access those vibrations, that undoubtedly will transforms our inner world. 

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If you would like more information and would like to attend the Sept 16th video conference, please let us know via email.

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2018 Guru Purnima Course

Swami talks with  a group of students at Latimer House in England. Hear how Swami talks directly with his students as he instructs them attending the seminar.

Mother Divine Course Intro Class

Intro to the Mother Divine Course: Engaging the Mother to create balance and harmony.

Mother Divine Course: Mantras & Process

What to expect with our process and the power of mantras.

Class #1 Guru Purnima Course

Week #1 conference call